Labyrinth Meditation

Labyrinth Meditation was inspired from an ancient labyrinth that I visited in England. It was carved into a rock wall in a grotto area. A very sacred place. The labyrinth dates back to 3,000 years. The idea of the itself labyrinth is about tracing your way back to the center, the quiet place inside where you commune with spirit and your most inner self, connecting to God or your creator. Once you feel your have connected, you trace your way back to your day to day world, taking the information you received and applying it in your life. On a bigger scale labyrinth can actually be walked in places like Grace Cathedral in San Francisco or Chartres Cathedral in France (where pilgrims came to walk or actually crawl on their knees to the center and back). Labyrinths can be found or created anywhere. The fox represents the an animal guardian and the cleverness to remember what we received.